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My journey

A little bit about me! I’ve been a quantum healing practitioner since 2020. I was introduced to the modality through the work of Dolores Cannon, and I’ve completed two training programs related to quantum healing (QHHT and BQH).

I started my spiritual social media journey in the Spring of 2021, when I felt called to start posting clips on TikTok about the amazing things I was learning through my QHHT sessions. My following grew steadily on TikTok for about a year, until I finally admitted to myself that my account had been shadowbanned. I hit a following of around 52k, and have slowly lost followers since that time (you can click here to check out that account). I created a second TikTok account, @timelinehealinghypnosis, which is growing slowly, and I also post frequently on Instagram and YouTube. For a slightly more 3-D experience, you can also check out my LinkedIn account!

Nearly all of my clientele finds me via social media, and I will be publishing my first book soon as well! It’s entitled “Daylee Meditation: A diary of my astral experiences,” and it is exactly what it sounds like–a record of all of the crazy things I experience while meditating! A link to purchase Daylee Meditation will be provided when it becomes available this summer!

Education and the pursuit of knowledge has always been of interest to me…I spent my entire 20’s going to school! I have a Bachelor’s degree in human development from The University of Alabama, a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from The University of Alabama, and a PhD in human development from Utah State University. I taught online classes for two universities for about 10 years before deciding to leave academics to pursue quantum healing.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have lived in 6 different states. I moved to Washington from Tennessee in 2014 and have completely fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest! The woods are my happy place and I adore the rain!! I currently live north of Seattle with my three young children.

The death of my first daughter, Kennedi, is what originally kick started my spiritual journey 7 years ago. I am blessed beyond words to finally be doing the work that I came to Earth to do, and I am honored to hold space for others while they find their way on their own spiritual journeys.

My healing philosophy

I’m here to lovingly hold space while teaching you what tools and resources are available to help you on your spiritual journey. You know that saying about giving a man a fish or teaching him to fish himself? What I do is like teaching someone about gardening, fertilizer, nutrition, fishing, hunting, sourcing clean water, etc, rather than simply handing them a fish, or even teaching them to fish. Not everyone likes fish and not everyone is good at fishing! I do my best not to impose my own opinion or agenda onto my clients because I am a firm believer that every human is perfectly equipped to facilitate their own healing. You are here to discover your purpose and divine mission! I’m happy to walk with you on that path while it is a good fit for both of us; but it is your journey to lead and I would be honored to support you as you navigate down your path.

If you’ve found my page, it’s for a divine reason! We may have had a past life together, we may have work to do together, we may have important things to teach each other, or just simply have energy to exchange with each other. Either way, I’m so glad that you’re here and if it resonates for you, I would love for us to work together.