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Timeline Healing Hypnosis (THH) Training

Similar to QHHT and BQH, THH enables practitioners to guide their clients into the right state of awareness in order to access their past lives, higher self, and spirit guides in order to receive profound insight, healing, and awareness. Practitioners do not need to be energy workers, psychic, or open to their divine gifts in any way. A desire to help others and a willingness to be open minded and trusting of your own intuition is all that’s required. The course contains enough instruction that students will be fully capable of conducting their own THH sessions after they finish the course.

The class costs $444 (payment plans are available!), is completely self-paced and remote, and includes lecture-style videos, handouts, resources, detailed information about how to create a personalized induction script for each client (the trademark of a THH session and what separates this modality from other quantum healing modalities), tips and tricks, and much more!

This course is available for you to start today! To enroll, click here.

Connecting with your higher self

This pre-recorded course contains 6 modules, each with it’s own audio lecture, handout, and extra resources information. This course is intended to inform those who are new to the concept of a “higher self” about the basics of accessing this part of your consciousness. It’s a great introduction to the art of going within and connecting with yourself. The total length of the lectures is about an hour, and the course costs $44.

To purchase this course, click here. The course is self-paced and includes both audio lectures and visual material.

Timeline Healing Hypnosis (THH) Free/discounted session database

In an effort to connect two groups of people with complimenting needs (potential clients unable to pay the full session fee, and new THH practitioners who are ready to practice as they build their clientele), I’m putting together a database! Clients who are interested in a free, discounted, or traded/bartered THH session from a newly certified THH practitioner can click here to be added to the directory!

Please note: Being added to the database does not guarantee that you’ll be contacted for a session.