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Connecting with your higher self

This pre-recorded course contains 6 modules, each with it’s own audio lecture, handout, and extra resources information. This course is intended to inform those who are new to the concept of a “higher self” about the basics of accessing this part of your consciousness. It’s a great introduction to the art of going within and connecting with yourself. The total length of the lectures is about an hour, and the course costs $66.

To purchase this course, click here, click on “Try,” and scroll down to the Introduction module to view the intro for free, if you so desire! To unlock the rest of the content, click on “Get Started Now,” scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Get Instant Access.” The course will be available after your payment is submitted!

Quantum Childbirth: Creating a peaceful birth experience by tapping into the Goddess within

**This course is not yet available for purchase–it’s still in the works!! It should be ready by 11/15/21**

This pre-recorded course focuses on welcoming the energy of the Divine Feminine Mother, and sending away the Dark Masculine energy that is so prevalent in our society today. There is a heavy emphasis on chakra balancing; understanding the societal conditioning that impacts each chakra, as they relate to a woman’s divine ability to successfully move souls between dimensions (AKA give birth).

This course is intended to give mothers (or mothers-to-be, or any divine feminine being, or any divine being at all, for that matter!) an opportunity to acknowledge and release the dark, fear-based energy that surrounds much of the pregnancy and childbirthing community. Once that dark energy and those fears are released, women can welcome in the powerful energy of confidence, empowerment, and safety that every divine being is entitled to experience.

Meditation and utilization of the quantum space (energy) will give students the opportunity to heal and truly step into their unlimited power as a Divine Feminine Creator (Goddess).

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