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The following information is a download that came from my main guide--a council of Arcturian elders who are helping me step into my mission on Earth. Simply put, DNA is energy. This energy provides ... READ the POST

Upgrades + visiting a spacecraft

I had an experience during meditation about a week ago, and I wanted to share it with all of you. I think it's important to normalize certain experiences to remove the fear that society has placed on ... READ the POST


The unanimous theme in the quantum healing sessions I've done where clients ask about their path to ascension and releasing karma is: love. And it starts with loving yourself. Can you say that ... READ the POST

Sex magick for healing

Jesus and healing. I went into meditation the other day, with the intention to heal my EXTREMELY sore back. I often end up with severe back pain after being in nature and asking Gaia to send energy ... READ the POST

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