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Channeling Services

The link to schedule a pre-recorded channeling session can be found here.

The link to schedule a live Divine Mother Imprint reading via Zoom can be found here.

Pre-recorded channeling sessions are available starting at 5 minutes for $22; longer readings and a 24-hour response time are optional and can be added at the scheduling link above. Detailed information about this service can be found below.

Divine Mother Imprint channeled readings are done on a live Zoom call. They last for 20 minutes and cost $77. Details can be found below.

“Channeling” is a broad term to describe a person’s ability to tap into the consciousness of another being/entity. I have been blessed with the ability to communicate with beings and entities that are of a higher dimensional frequency than we hold here on earth. This includes “aliens”/ET’s, collectives, planets, etc.

Mediumship (communicating with the spirits of humans who are no longer living) is a form of channeling that is commonly discussed in mainstream society, and thus, is an example of channeling that many people are familiar with. The term “channel” refers to a pathway for information (energy) to travel from one point in space (higher dimensional being) to another (me). This energy can appear to the recipient in many forms, including visually, audibly, verbally, and intuitively (this is not an exhaustive list). Sometimes this information is solicited by the recipient, other times it is not (which can be a confusing and frightening experience for some people).

Channeling is a gift that I brought with me from previous lifetimes, and I’m ecstatic to be able to share this beautiful experience with other humans. I often channel my main guide (a collective council of Arcturian Elders), Mother Earth, a collective sisterhood of sex magic priestesses (which is every bit as amazing as it sounds!), and the Sophia Dragon Tribe Divine Mother Energy. I can connect with any form of consciousness, really, and the most appropriate source of energy is who will step forward to provide information for your channeled reading. Many clients want to know about their purpose/mission, manifesting abundance, their ascension path, etc.

Channeling can occur either with no divination tool (simply entering a meditative state and allowing the information to come through the mind’s eye, perceived senses, intuitive knowingness, etc), or practitioners can use a divination tool. The most popular divination tool is probably a deck of tarot cards, but my personal favorite divination tool is casting bones! “Throwing the bones” is an ancient form of divination that utilizes items from your surroundings to allow the energy from Spirit to be easily understood and translated into meaningful communication. Bones, twigs, rocks, gemstones, and trinkets are assigned meaning and come together to create a beautiful channeled message from the divine! You can indicate which divination tool you would like me to use when you schedule your reading.

Most channeled readings are offered via recording. There is a limited number of sessions available each week, and you can expect to receive your channeled information by the day of your appointment (sometimes sooner).

Discover Your Divine Mother Imprint: Live reading.

Does the energy of Divine Mother feel familiar, even if you don’t fully understand what the term “Divine Mother” means? Divine Mother is simply the feminine energy of creation, present in all beings, but prominent in those that identify as a divine feminine being. Divine Mother energy is nurturing, it’s supportive, it’s delicate, and it’s infinitely wise. Many feminines are here to tap into their own source of Divine Mother energy, embodying the energy of “Mother” in it’s purest and most divine form, to provide a safe space for others to understand and tap into their own sources of divine energy.

A Divine Mother Imprint reading can bring clarity about the specific deities and goddesses that you work with, it can help you understand the path that you’re meant to take, or it can help you see the obstacles you currently face which prevent you from being able to tap into this energy. Clients can come with specific questions, or they can wait to see what messages Divine Mother has for them.

Readings are offered via zoom, last for 20 minutes, and cost $77.

Personalized Timeline Healing Meditation

The link to schedule a channeled quantum jump meditation can be found here.

This service includes a channeled reading (approximately 10 minutes) as well as a meditation channeled directly from your guides/higher self (15-20 minutes). It is intended to put you on the fast track to shifting your reality into your highest timeline.

This offering is very similar to the channeling services described above. I will connect to your guides and your higher self in order to understand the energy that surrounds your timeline shift. This insight will inform the meditation that I create, which will help you to start building the energetic foundation for your new reality. You will receive a verbal explanation of what I channeled and why I included what I did in your meditation, along with the meditation itself. The channeled reading and meditation will last about 30 minutes. This offering costs $111.