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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT/BQH)

The link to schedule a quantum healing session can be found here; the link to pay with a payment plan is here. The document at this link has some great information about the process of quantum healing.

QHHT is a modality that was created by the late, great, Dolores Cannon. She realized early in her hypnosis practice that if her clients went into a deep enough trance, they were able to access the part of their awareness that stores information and memories from all of their lives–past, present, and future. Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) was created by Candace Craw-Goldman, with the intention to allow for more practitioner discernment during quantum healing sessions. Candace first learned the QHHT technique from Dolores Cannon, and she had a deep respect for Dolores and her teachings. She was called to create a modality that did not have quite the rigid set of guidelines that QHHT does (such as the inability to conduct sessions remotely), and thus, created BQH. I am certified in both QHHT and BQH; remote sessions use the BQH induction script.

Put simply, quantum healing enables clients to achieve deep relaxation and access to the right brainwave state which allows the flow of their divine energy. It’s important to note, however, that many clients do not enter a deep hypnotic state during their sessions and still have wildly successful outcomes.

What is the point of entering into this special altered state of consciousness? It gives clients the ability to speak with their subconscious/higher self/oversoul. This consciousness is the essence of who we are as humans, and this part of our consciousness can provide insight and healing for ANYTHING, including but not limited to: childhood wounds, generational trauma, past life karma, physical and health issues, mission/purpose, gifts/abilities, etc.

Quantum healing sessions last for about 2 hours, give clients 1:1 access to the practitioner, and cost $444 (payment plans are available). All sessions are conducted remotely via the Zoom platform and include a recording of the session. Clients must be in a private space with total privacy/silence (no interruptions, including partners, roommates, noisy pets, children, etc.), be able to lay down comfortably, and have access to wired headphones. A laptop is preferred but a plugged in smart phone will suffice.

The main difference between a THH session and a QHHT session is in the length of the session and approach to reaching a trance state. A THH session includes a completely personalized induction, and thus, the sessions do not usually take as long as a QHHT session because it’s easier for the client to access their divine energy. THH sessions target a broad topic/area to address, while QHHT sessions can address several different issues.

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