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Services offered

I specialize in providing guidance to individuals who are on a healing/awakening path. If you identify as a healer, energy worker, starseed, ascension leader, etc., we would probably be a very good fit to work together. The clients that I’m seeking out are on a journey of self discovery and are ready to facilitate profound healing so they can step into an entirely new way of being, and continue on their missions to help humanity rise.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

The link to schedule a quantum healing session can be found here.

What IS quantum healing hypnosis? The use of the term “hypnosis’ is somewhat controversial; my personal stance is that deep relaxation and entering the right brainwave state is a necessary part of the process, but many clients do not enter a deep hypnotic state during their sessions and still have wildly successful outcomes. The document linked here has some great information about the process of quantum healing. Essentially, quantum healing hypnosis uses deep relaxation techniques to enable clients to access the part of their consciousness that stores information and memories from all of their lives–past present and future. It also enables clients to speak with their subconscious/higher self/oversoul. This entity is the essence of who we are as humans, and this part of our consciousness can provide insight and healing for ANYTHING, including but not limited to: childhood wounds, generational trauma, past life karma, physical and health issues, mission/purpose, gifts/abilities, etc.

Quantum healing sessions last for about 3 hours, give clients 1:1 access to the practitioner, and cost $333. All sessions are conducted remotely via the Zoom platform and include a recording of the session. Clients must be in a private space with total privacy/silence (no interruptions, including partners, roommates, noisy pets, children, etc.), be able to lay down comfortably for the 2-hour hypnosis, and have access to wired headphones. A laptop is preferred but a plugged in smart phone will suffice.

Group Past Life Regression

Group past life regression sessions are not always available; when they are, they can be booked here.

For clients who are not quite ready for a full quantum healing session, there is also a 1-hour group past life regression option available. Clients do not need a group to sign up for this option, but other clients will be on the call. There are different types of group regressions offered, including past life, ET/galactic family, discovering your gifts, understanding what you need to heal, etc. This offering is very similar to a live guided meditation; clients see the information during the session while I read from a script.

Because there are other clients on the call, it is not possible to ask the practitioner questions or to have the practitioner interact with your higher self during a past life regression. These sessions are conducted remotely via the Zoom platform, last about 60 minutes, and cost $66.

Ascension/Starseed coaching package

A 30-minute discovery call to ask questions about the coaching package costs $33 and can be booked here. To purchase the coaching package, click on this link.

This package is an intense healing/learning experience that includes 6 weekly 1.5-hour quantum healing sessions, plus one 30-minute debriefing call per week. Support via messenger is also provided in this package. These sessions are customized to what each client needs to address! The higher self will tell us the most important areas to address during the first session. Resources will be provided to clients each week based on the recommendations of the higher self.

The intention of this experience is not to completely heal clients or provide them with every spiritual answer that they seek by the end of our 6 weeks together. The intention is to jump start their healing, bring awareness to their areas of struggle, and provide an outline and tools to empower clients to continue healing themselves and discovering their own answers long after we’ve parted ways. This package contains an intro call (30 minutes), 6 quantum healing sessions, 6 debriefing calls, and unlimited support between sessions for 6 weeks. All sessions are conducted via zoom and must be used within 12 weeks of purchase. Package cost is $2,222.

Channeling Services

I currently offer 20-minute channeling sessions for $66; the link to schedule a channeling session can be found here.

“Channeling” is a broad term to describe a person’s ability to tap into the consciousness of another being/entity. I have been blessed with the ability to communicate with beings and entities that are of a higher dimensional frequency than we hold here on earth. This includes “aliens”/ET’s, collectives, planets, etc.

Mediumship (communicating with the spirits of humans who are no longer living) is a form of channeling that is commonly discussed in mainstream society, and thus, is an example of channeling that many people are familiar with. The term “channel” refers to a pathway for information (energy) to travel from one point in space (higher dimensional being) to another (me). This energy can appear to the recipient in many forms, including visually, audibly, verbally, and intuitively (this is not an exhaustive list). Sometimes this information is solicited by the recipient, other times it is not (which can be a confusing and frightening experience for some people).

Channeling is a gift that I brought with me from previous lifetimes, and I’m ecstatic to be able to share this beautiful experience with other humans. I channel my main guide (a collective council of Arcturian Elders), Mother Earth, and a collective sisterhood of sex magic priestesses (which is every bit as amazing as it sounds!). Clients can ask for advice and information from any of those entities during a channeling session with me. Many clients want to know about their purpose/mission, manifesting abundance, their ascension path, etc.

Channeling sessions are only offered via recording; there is a weekly offering available on Sundays. There is a limited number of sessions available each week, and you can expect to receive your channeled information within 7 days of the session date that you sign up for.

Hey Hero Mini Readings

**Readings are currently 20% off, through November 15th! Use code FALL20 for discount!**

If you’re interested in working with me but are not sure yet about the financial commitment, Hey Hero is a great option! Hey Hero is a platform that enables creators to give clients (“fans”) mini readings, which are 5-15 minutes long. Creators set their own price, and my prices currently start at $22. The most commonly requested type of reading is either a channeled message for you from my guides, or a 3-card tarot spread. You can book one of those readings by clicking on this link.

FREE Soul Mission Meditation

This meditation was a live event on my TikTok page (join my TikTok community here!), and is a perfect example of what you can expect during a group past life regression! It’s very similar to a 1:1 quantum healing session as well, though those are more in depth and don’t include other clients in the session with you. You can find the meditation at this link; the passcode is $e?0!7G# .

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