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Services offered

I specialize in providing guidance to women, particularly mothers, who are working to embody their Divine Mother energy. If you identify as a healer, energy worker, starseed, ascension leader, or similar, we would probably be a very good fit to work together. The women that I’m seeking out are on a journey of Divine Feminine embodiment and radical transformation. They are ready to facilitate profound healing and I’m here to help so them step into an entirely new way of being so they can continue on their missions to help humanity rise.

Patreon: Group support

Join my community of like-minded Feminines! The monthly cost is $44, but is discounted to $22 for the month of February while I get it set up! The page includes channeled information about conception, pregnancy, childbirth, healing, energy work, twin flames, and many more topics! Weekly interactive exercises will also be provided to help you heal, integrate, and embody your own Divine Mother energy. Activities may include but are not limited to guided meditations, journal prompts, and live streamed events.

Patreon provides an opportunity to interact with me in a more intimate setting than social media, while also investing in your own healing journey. This is a great option for those who resonate with my energy and messages but aren’t ready to make a bigger financial commitment just yet.

You can check out my Patreon, including previewing posts, by clicking here.

Past life regression

Past life regression is a technique that enables people to access their divine guidance, including spirit guides, their higher self, past lives, higher dimensional collectives, and so much more. The practitioner uses a script to encourage the client to enter a very relaxed state, much like a guided meditation. Traditionally, this modality is referred to as hypnosis, but many people do not enter a deep trance state. As humanity continues to ascend (choosing unity over separation), more and more people are able to balance the energies of their conscious experience with that of their higher self and divine guidance, allowing both experiences to exist at the same time. When this happens, people simply do not need to enter into a deep level of hypnosis in order to access the information that they desire to connect with.

One of the most amazing parts of a past life regression is the fact that it is the client themselves are the ones who are able to access their divine guidance. This is not a channeled reading where I act as a messenger to let you know what messages your team has for you. You access your own guidance and past lives so that you can answer your own questions!

I have two past life regression offerings: Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT/BQH, 2 hours) and the modality that I created called Timeline Healing Hypnosis (THH, 1.5 hours). You can find more information about QHHT/BQH sessions here, and more information about THH sessions can be found here.

Group Past Life Regression

For clients who are not quite ready for a full quantum healing session, there is also a 40-60 minute group past life regression option available. Clients do not need a group to sign up for this option, but other clients will be on the call. There are different types of group regressions offered, including past life, ET/galactic family, discovering your gifts, understanding what you need to heal, etc. This offering is very similar to a live guided meditation; clients see the information during the session while I read from a script.

Because there are other clients on the call, it is not possible to ask the practitioner questions or to have the practitioner interact with your higher self during a past life regression. These sessions are conducted remotely via the Zoom platform, last between 40-60 minutes, and cost $66.

This offering is not currently available; when it is, a link will be posted here with scheduling information.

Ascension/Starseed coaching package

A 30-minute discovery call to ask questions about the coaching package costs $33 and can be booked by sending an email to

This package is an intense healing/learning experience that includes 4 1.5-hour Timeline Healing Hypnosis sessions, plus 4 30-minute debriefing calls. Sessions take place every other week, for a total of 8 weeks. Support via messenger is also provided in this package. These sessions are customized to what each client needs to address! The higher self will tell us the most important areas to address during the first session. Resources will be provided to clients each week based on the recommendations of the higher self.

The intention of this experience is not to completely heal clients or provide them with every spiritual answer that they seek by the end of our 8 weeks together. The intention is to jump start your healing, bring awareness to your areas of struggle, and provide an outline and tools to empower you to continue healing yourself and discovering your own answers long after we’ve parted ways. This package contains an intro call (30 minutes), 4 Timeline Healing Hypnosis sessions, 4 debriefing calls, and unlimited support between sessions for 8 weeks. All sessions are conducted via zoom and must be used within 8 weeks of purchase. Package cost is $1,111.

Channeling Services

“Channeling” is a broad term to describe a person’s ability to tap into the consciousness of another being/entity. In this session, I will tap into your guides and energy to see what messages they would like me to pass along to you. More information about my channeling services can be found here.

FREE Soul Mission Meditation

This meditation was a live event on my TikTok page (join my TikTok community here!), and is a perfect example of what you can expect during a group past life regression! It’s very similar to a 1:1 quantum healing session as well, though those are more in depth and don’t include other clients in the session with you. You can find the meditation at this link; the passcode is $e?0!7G# .