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Courses & Workshops

Connecting With Your Higher Self

This course is intended to inform those who are new to the concept of a “higher self” about the basics of accessing this part of your consciousness. It’s a great introduction to the art of going within and connecting with yourself: Your internal guidance, your soul, your higher self.
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Services & Offerings

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT/BQH)

Quantum healing hypnosis uses deep relaxation techniques to enable clients to access the part of their consciousness that stores information and memories from all of their lives–past present and future. It also enables clients to speak with their subconscious/higher self/oversoul. This entity is the essence of who we are as humans, and this part of our consciousness can provide insight and healing for ANYTHING, including but not limited to: childhood wounds, generational trauma, past life karma, physical and health issues, mission/purpose, gifts/abilities, etc.
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Timeline Healing Hypnosis (THH)

THH is a healing modality that I created to address several themes that I’ve noticed coming up frequently in my quantum healing hypnosis (QHHT + BQH) sessions. While the ability to visualize is not necessary in order to have a successful quantum healing session, it is related to the most important part of having a successful session–the belief that it will work. While many of my clients have extremely successful sessions without ever seeing a single vision, clients who hold the belief that their aphantasia will prevent them from accessing their higher self, unsurprisingly, do not usually access their higher self. THH makes it easier for clients who have difficulty visualizing to access their higher self, and the opportunities for healing, insight, and understanding with this modality are the same as the other hypnosis modalities--it's just a slightly different approach!
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Channeling Services

Channeling is a gift that I brought with me from previous lifetimes, and I’m ecstatic to be able to share this beautiful experience with other humans. I channel my main guide (a collective council of Arcturian Elders), Mother Earth, and a collective sisterhood of sex magic priestesses (which is every bit as amazing as it sounds!), and many other collectives, entities, guides, etc. Many clients want to know about their purpose/mission, manifesting abundance, their ascension path, etc.
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I'm so glad that you've found my page and I hope that you find the information here useful. My name is Daylee, and I'm a quantum healing practitioner, channel, and starseed whose mission is to help those who are ready to take the next step in their journeys. I focus on empowering clients in my practice to find their own answers, facilitate their own healing, and discover their own paths.
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I've had several quantum healing sessions with Daylee and they were amazing! I was able to tap into my higher self to receive answers and insight about issues that I was really struggling with. She is professional, compassionate, and an amazing practitioner!


The session I had with Daylee was beautiful! I was able to get answers that helped me on my awakening journey. Thank you Daylee!


Daylee was a tremendous help in helping me access my higher self to recieve past life information about my Twin Flame Journey as well as detailed information about my soul's mission & purpose. We even were able to channel and speak with Dolores Cannon, an experience I'll never forget!

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