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Sacred Plant Medicine

Why is it called “sacred” plant medicine? How can it be helpful on a healing or awakening journey?

Everyone has their own truth, and I don’t view the information that I’m going to share on this topic as being the only truth. This is simply what I believe, and I encourage others to decide for themselves what is most in alignment with their own truth.

Sacred plant medicine are gifts from the higher dimensions, an opportunity to experience energy and frequencies that are not normally available to us. All information is available to us at any given moment, but our ability to access that energy isn’t always online. Certain plants, when taken with the right intention, can provide an energetic experience that we wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. The particular experience that we manifest when we utilize sacred plant medicine is directly dependent upon our own frequency, mindset, and needs in that moment.

These plants are extremely powerful and have great healing potential, but they contain duality, just like every other experience on this planet. That duality can be seen in the way that sacred plants are portrayed in mainstream society. Cannabis, for example, is largely used in a social setting, as a recreational drug to help people check out from reality, deal with physical or emotional pain, etc. All sacred plant medicine is illegal at the federal level in the US (although this is a gray area, as most language used for psilocybin, for example, makes possessing the compound illegal but mentions nothing about possessing psilocybin-containing mushrooms); as a result, much of the energy surrounding these magical plants is confusing, chaotic, and misunderstood.

Every soul has a unique relationship with sacred plant medicine, and not every soul is intended to use it. For some people, the medicine can be profoundly healing. For others, enlightening. Still others may experience ego death, opening to divine gifts, or intense relaxation. As long as a strong intention has been set, sacred plant medicine can be used to facilitate nearly any outcome. Adequate preparation is the key to facilitating a beautiful experience with plant medicine.

How does one prepare to use sacred plant medicine? The short answer to that question is shadow work. Truly understanding the biases, fears, apprehensions, and expectations that you have surrounding sacred plant medicine. Deciding what dose would be appropriate, and why. What are your objectives for your journey? How will you set the energetic framework for achieving those objectives?

Sacred plant medicine can produce an experience that’s scary, confusing, and/or intense, but it can also produce an experience that brings healing and understanding that would not be possible any other way. No one can tell you what your contract is with sacred plant medicine, or the best way for you to utilize it in your journey; only you have the answers to those questions. It’s this notion of going inward that makes plant medicine so effective. It’s a journey to meet oneself in a very sacred, very vulnerable way, and since the answer to everything that we seek is inside of us anyway, it’s easy to see why the experience of sacred plant medicine can be so profound.