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What is a “spiritual practice”?

I was talking to a friend the other day about the notion of a “spiritual practice.” A lot of people want to implement one, but feel overwhelmed about how to make that happen. They feel lost and confused about where to start, and find difficulty with being consistent and following through with the practices that they do adopt.

Why is that? Why is it that something that feels so important is so difficult to manifest into a tangible reality? It’s probably because they’ve forgotten one of the most important truths to our existence as humans: We are spiritual beings. We are literally spirits, energy, consciousness, inhabiting a human body. Everything that we do is spiritual. Our LIFE is our spiritual practice.

Thus…everyone already has a spiritual practice. Getting gas? Spiritual. Sitting at your desk at work? Spiritual. Sleeping? Spiritual. If you’re feeling the need to “start a spiritual practice,” it just means that the one you already have in place isn’t working. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Take sleeping, for example. How could you possibly be doing anything spiritual while you sleep, right? What kind of shenanigans is that? The truth is, all of us enter the dream realm and the astral plane while we sleep to do work, but that’s a whole blog post by itself. Just like with any other activity, if you set an intention for your mind, body, and spirit while you sleep, you turn an every day (disconnected) activity into a spiritual (connected) one.

To be “spiritual” is to be connected. Connected to yourself first, as that is where connection to all else begins. How can we connect with another person, with God, or with anything separate from ourselves, if the connection on our own end is broken? Once we have a connection to ourselves firmly anchored into our own energy and reality, we can then start connecting with things that are outside of ourselves.

Ironically, as people start connecting within themselves more often, they begin to understand that there actually is no separation. Connection is not made outside of ourselves. We are already connected to everyone and everything, if we just choose to acknowledge it.

Similarly, our entire life is our spiritual practice. You’re already spiritual. You’re already connected. There’s nothing you need to do in order to *be* spiritual. You already are. So, just be.