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Sacred Plant Medicine

Why is it called "sacred" plant medicine? How can it be helpful on a healing or awakening journey? Everyone has their own truth, and I don't view the information that I'm going to share on this topic ... READ the POST

What is a “spiritual practice”?

I was talking to a friend the other day about the notion of a "spiritual practice." A lot of people want to implement one, but feel overwhelmed about how to make that happen. They feel lost and ... READ the POST

The Importance of Nature

Grounding. Earthing. Sungazing. It seems like we're always being told to get outside and enjoy nature, but what is the relevance of these experiences for those of us on a spiritual journey? How is it ... READ the POST


The following information is a download that came from my main guide--a council of Arcturian elders who are helping me step into my mission on Earth. Simply put, DNA is energy. This energy provides ... READ the POST