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The Importance of Nature

Grounding. Earthing. Sungazing. It seems like we’re always being told to get outside and enjoy nature, but what is the relevance of these experiences for those of us on a spiritual journey? How is it that getting outside actually helps us achieve our spiritual goals? What tangible benefit does Gaia provide to us?

We are energy—consciousness—inhabiting a human body while we are on Earth. Our soul originates from somewhere outside of Earth, but our bodies are made on Earth. We are of the Earth. She is our home and truly, our human vessels are pieces of Gaia. This provides us with an incredible opportunity to experience the duality of living a physical life, as well as an energetic life–simultaneously. While this can be true on other planets, it’s rare for this experience to be coupled with free will.

As a human, we can experience our physical and spiritual lives to whatever extent we desire. We can experience light and love, as well as darkness and fear, physically and energetically, at any time. The choice is always ours. While client’s higher selves have spoken in my sessions of beings on other planets that are able to exercise this free will, it is a rare occurrence that is limited to an individual soul’s unique journey in that lifetime. On Earth, every soul is allowed to choose the type of experience they’d like to have, and they can change their mind at any given time.

That being said, balance is extremely important. While we can choose to have a primarily physical or spiritual experience, we are most likely to feel centered and peaceful when we are balancing these two halves of our whole experience. Often times, when we dive into our healing journeys, we focus the majority of our energy into our spiritual lives. Healing, shadow work, past lives, astral travel, galactic soul connections, and the list goes on. We can even grow resentful of our human bodies, feeling like they are a burden and tether us unwillingly to our existence on Earth.

However, our bodies literally are Earth. Physical bodies are what enable us to have these beautiful, diverse, dualistic experiences. They are our direct, effortless connection to Gaia. When we connect to the higher dimensional frequencies of Source, the astral plane, etc., we allow that energy into our physical being, but haven’t necessarily offered it an outlet.

Energy is meant to flow. It is not meant to become stagnant or to be held onto. When we bring energy into our lives from other sources, we must also give it direction. It is not ours to keep. Getting out into nature, with an intention to allow energy to flow, completes the circuit. The energy that needs to be released is let go of. The energy that needs to be received is accepted. It’s like recharging a battery or plugging it into a device. Whether you need to release energy or receive it, Mother Earth and The Divine know exactly what you need, and the exchange happens effortlessly.

Time in nature helps us to re-calibrate our energy and bring us back into balance.