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The following information is a download that came from my main guide–a council of Arcturian elders who are helping me step into my mission on Earth.

Simply put, DNA is energy. This energy provides a blueprint for our lives, behavior, and decisions. Nothing is set in stone, but to stray from the energetic blueprint that we are handed when our soul merges with our human body takes A LOT of outside influence.

This is why breaking ancestral trauma patterns is so incredibly difficult. The energy within our DNA predisposes us to be in alignment to walk a certain path. The same path that our ancestors walked. Energetic alignment is comfortable. It feels familiar.

When the energy that is stored within your physical body is aligned with the energy of trauma, abuse, poverty, etc, it feels comfortable to walk a path that is full of those energetically aligned elements.

Many of us are here to break these patterns. But how do we do that, if the energy in our DNA–the blueprint for this lifetime that we received at conception–is in alignment with toxic cycles?

Intention. Environment. Time. Humans have free will. Nothing can stop us from making a decision or living a certain life. Not DNA, not society, not other humans.

Well, there is one thing that can stop you. You can. Yourself. You are the only thing that has control over the decisions that you make and the life that you live.

With the right intention and environment, along with divine timing, the energy in your DNA that carries the trauma of your ancestors will become quieter and quieter until eventually, it comes into alignment with the rest of your reality. This energetic shift is what it means to heal ancestral trauma.

Humans are creator beings. We create our realities. Everything else shifts to match the energy of the reality we seek to create.

Even our genetics.

You answer to no one and no thing–Not God, not society, not genetics–when it comes to creating your reality.

Shifting your reality changes the energy contained within your own DNA, such that the energetic potential that you pass down to your own children predisposes them to be in alignment with love and light, rather than trauma and toxicity.