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Upgrades + visiting a spacecraft

I had an experience during meditation about a week ago, and I wanted to share it with all of you. I think it’s important to normalize certain experiences to remove the fear that society has placed on these experiences. All things should be viewed through a lense of discernment, where *we* are the ones deciding whether a not an experience that we’ve had was scary, helpful, harmful, etc, rather than accepting the societal narrative that some experiences are inherently bad across the board.

I went into meditation, and immediately saw tiny Greys. Grey is a type of higher dimensional (extra terrestrial) being; there are small ones and tall ones, and there may be others as well. The tiny Greys come to me to escort me to meetings, appointments, travel, etc. They’re my intergalactic chauffers, if you will. They bring an energy of love and protection every time they visit, so I get really excited to see them show up! I always know I’m about to do something fun when I see them.

They ended up taking me to a ship, where I was worked on by a being who I believe was a tall Grey. The ship was pretty empty, except for one Arcturian who seemed to be supervising. She felt female, but we didn’t have any direct interaction so I can’t be certain. I was told that they were rebooting, or possibly activating, an implant that was in my brain. I was very surprised to hear this and requested more information, but wasn’t able to get more details. It seemed like it had been there since I was about 2 years old. 

I understood that it was placed in between the two hemispheres of my brain, and that there was some sort of energy/information exchange happening while they were bringing it online. I could feel an open channel of energy between my consciousness, which was currently located on the ship, and my physical body, which I was also still aware of in my bed at home. It was like they were doing energetic brain surgery, and it was extremely uncomfortable. However, at no point did I ever feel that I was in danger. There was also an unspoken understanding that I could opt out of this experience at any time.

In fact, I know that the only reason I was allowed to be conscious and aware of this experience is because they knew that I was ready for it, and thus, opting out isn’t something I would have chosen to do, in any case.

This experience went on for quite some time throughout the night. I still am not 100% certain exactly what was going on, but I am sure that whatever they were doing is something that I agreed to experience before coming here. I also know that it’s something that will help or benefit me as I continue to understand and progress in my mission on Earth.