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The unanimous theme in the quantum healing sessions I’ve done where clients ask about their path to ascension and releasing karma is: love.

And it starts with loving yourself.

Can you say that you truly love yourself? Unconditionally. Unequivocally.

To love yourself is to know yourself. What you want and need. The things that speak to your soul. 

Who are you, outside of who society wants you to be? The version of yourself that you created to fit in with the narrative you’ve been sold since you were born. The one you adopted for yourself because you didn’t know there was another option.

Well, there is another option: The authentic version of you who wants to be set free. Get to know that version of yourself. Grow to love her. 

Life will give you many reasons to keep her buried. Society will encourage you to love everything else before you love yourself. 

Don’t listen to any of it. First, love yourself. Then, you can love others.