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Sex magick for healing

Jesus and healing.

I went into meditation the other day, with the intention to heal my EXTREMELY sore back. I often end up with severe back pain after being in nature and asking Gaia to send energy to heal me–the energy is sent to release compressed energy that’s been stored in my body as a result of experiencing childhood trauma. Releasing energy is not always a comfortable process, and I often end up dealing with a lot of pain in my lower back (that just happens to be where my trauma manifests) when I ask for healing.

Normally, I can meditate and ask for the lesson/understanding of why that energy was stuck in the first place. Common themes for my own healing journey are needing to step into my divine feminine power, recognizing that I deserve abundance because it’s my birthright as a human, etc. Once I understand the root spiritual cause for the initial blockage, I ask for that energy to be moved out of my body and the pain recedes almost immediately.

Until this month. I asked for healing from Gaia, and several hours later I felt the energy being released in my lower back. But I couldn’t grasp the lesson and that energy would NOT stop swirling around my back, hips, and legs. I was barely able to walk for two full days–“shuffle” would more accurately describe what I was doing–and no amount of meditation or asking source/Gaia for relief was helping.

I decided to go into meditation to ask the collective of Isis and Lillith for help. Isis and Lilllith are the Goddesses who are responsible for harnessing energy for use in sex magick, and I’ve recently been initiated into the high priestesshood of sex magick. I’m still very new to all of it, but the energy created during sex (including self pleasure) can be used for any purpose–notably, for healing.

My intention was to ask Isis, Lillith, and/or the collective of sex magick high priestesses for help in healing my back. You can probably imagine my surprise when Jesus showed up! He took me to the astrals and had an entire lesson for me on the way that two different energies combine during sex to create an expression of those energies that is specific and unique to that experience. I was shown how symbolism can be used to bring pain relief, which is what I was wanting to heal during this particular meditation.

I had expected a divine feminine energy to teach me and had completely forgotten that Jesus was a healer, too (of course!). That session helped ease my pain somewhat, though I’m still learning how to properly harness this energy for optimal results. 🙂